Quick Fire Leadership

As a sporadic reader I don’t always read as much as I want to. After a year of study in 2015 I realised the importance of professional reading outside of your curriculum area. For years I was ‘keeping up the with the play’ when it came to music education but only recently have I been inspired by reading in other areas to support my professional learning.
After reading ‘The Naked CEO: The truth you need to build a big life’ by Alex Malley I wanted to add this to my blog so I could go back on reflect on some key aspects in times of need.
Book Review
The Naked CEO: The truth you need to build a big life by Alex Malley

This book bought up a couple of key points that I would use moving forward and will reflect upon.

The whole book reads like a bit of an informercial for the author, but for a person who has terrible concentration when it comes to reading the short chapters, bullet points and somewhat naff true stories from “mentees” made it an easy read.
In one chapter he discusses creating a ‘black box‘ similar to that of a plane. You should think & act positively, take risks and package your past experiences in a bid to make you build self-confidence, to become more curious & not to take yourself too seriously. This includes making the most of public speaking situations as a way of building confidence.
Another chapter discusses creating networks – As part of the leadership journey Alex suggests that you make yourself the centre of your own universe, sounds a bit conceited….however read on!  Being unique, authentic & aware of vision of the organisation that you work for and how you fit into to this is of importance.
Getting connected both online and in person is important. Putting yourself forward in social networking situations needs to be balanced with taking time to build your professional relationships. I guess this means go to the meet and greet drinks but don’t be doing shots at the bar and become the talk of the conference for all the wrong reasons.
The all too familiar theme of listening as a leader comes up, which is something teachers need to learn to do more of as we sure love the sound of our own voices! As well as being the centre of your universe being respectful & listening can sure go a long way. Once you get others talking about themselves they love it. Listening is a skill I was top of the class in when I was training as a teacher (believe it or not!),  but since I began teaching I am aware this is a skill I need to hone in on in my new leadership position.
Alex claims in the book that he will reply to any queries re leadership with a personal video message. Maybe one day I will get around to doing this just to see if he is true to his word and in fact walks the walk that he talks. www.thenakedCEO.com

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 6.33.26 PM
If you have time this book is worth a read if you want to know about leadership, the website has some snippets of info that change all the time.
I would recommend this book to a friend. Kia pai to rā!

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